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Proper denture care is important for the health of your mouth, as well as the appearance and durability of your dentures. Here are some tips for living well with dentures:

  • Handle your dentures carefully. Be sure you don't bend or damage the plastic or the clasps when cleaning.
  • Take your dentures out at bedtime to give your gums a rest.
  • Brush your gums, tongue and the roof of your mouth before you put in your dentures and after removing them.
  • Brush your dentures daily inside and out with a soft, large nylon denture toothbrush with round-ended bristles. Use a denture cream instead of toothpaste, but do not use denture cleansers inside your mouth, as these solutions can contain harmful chemicals that cause vomiting, pain, or burns if swallowed.
  • If you use denture adhesive, clean the grooves that fit against your gums to remove any remaining adhesive.
  • Eat a balanced diet and avoid sticky foods.
  • Focus on chewing with both sides of your mouth.
  • Remove and rinse dentures after eating to remove food debris and other loose particles. You may want to place a towel on the counter or in the sink so the dentures won't break if you drop them.
  • Get routine exams for any remaining teeth and follow your normal recommended hygiene schedule. If you have no remaining teeth, routine exams are still needed to check your gum health and the fit of your dentures.
  • Don’t use denture adhesives as a remedy for ill-fitting dentures. See your dentist if you have a loose fit, because it can cause irritation, sores, and infection.
  • To help your dentures retain their shape and remain pliable, keep them in water or a denture cleanser solution when you’re not wearing them. Most types of dentures need to remain moist to keep their shape.
  • Never put your dentures in hot water, which can warp their shape.

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